The data is clear:  high-quality mentorship has powerful positive effects on young people. But these beneficial effects are expected only to the extent the mentor and the young person forge a strong connection characterized by mutual trust and empathy.

If you are interested in connecting with students and gaining their trust through a 2 year commitment, choose your city below!

Partner schools

What sets Rising Leaders apart is our emphasis on leadership and professional development training. While tutoring and academic support in specific classroom subjects are extremely important, we take a more holistic approach to education. A few examples of our workshop topics include career development, public speaking, working well with others, networking, and creating social change in our communities. We believe these lessons complement the middle school curriculum and equip our students with the necessary professional skills to succeed in high school and in life.

The Rising Leaders workshops happen one Saturday morning every month and are held on-site at the partner school location. At least one staff member from the partner school is expected to attend the workshops and serve as a point person for Rising Leaders. We typically serve 10 - 30 students from a given partner school.

Please submit an application if you are interested in hearing more about becoming a partner school. 

Rising Leaders

Dear Students,

You are the leaders of tomorrow and we want to help you get there! Rising Leaders is an organization that provides middle school students with great mentors and fun leadership training. A mentor is someone who helps you reach your goals and who you can count on for years to come.  They will teach you cool skills like how to speak confidently in front of an audience, how to choose the right career, and how to fix problems in your school and in your community. They will take you on field trips to college campuses and community gardens. They will help you succeed in high school, college, and your future job.

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